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Firebird Kids | Mission, Vision & Core Values

We take our name from the folklore of the Firebird, whose feathers inspire a hero’s quest to capture the fascinating mythical bird. Our name stands for our brand’s bold ideals, exciting innovations, and enduring values. 

Our Mission: Firebird is on a daring mission to produce timeless, durable kids apparel that is designed to last through many wild and wonderful quests, and can be passed on for generations to come. We challenge the notion that quality doesn’t matter when it comes to children’s clothing, and believe that an investment in well-made clothing saves money in the long run. Our “Pass It On” program makes it easy for parents to be mindful consumers, keeps clothing out of landfills, and ensures our clothing finds its way through endless journeys.

Our Vision: Firebird Kids envisions a future where timeless clothing of exceptional quality replaces fast fashion. We see a world where families plan what they need and shop with purpose, abandoning low-quality, gendered clothing in exchange for dependable pieces that outlast seasons and trends to become wardrobe staples. This is a world where we all share and pass on clothing in an effort to reduce the impact on our planet. 

Our Core Values: NOT Fast Fashion

Standing the Test of Time

Firebird Kids is inspired by family-owned European clothing companies whose garments last for as long as there are children to love them. Our clothes are made from organic Italian and Peruvian Pima cotton, which means they’re incredibly soft and can be worn for many seasons. We want you to save your children’s clothing, pass it down, or resell it so that you can make more memories and leave less waste.

Sustainable Business Practices 

We’re committed to doing our part to save resources and energy and to keep waste out of landfills. We are proud to produce clothing that has significantly less impact on the environment than conventional children’s clothing brands. We achieve this by: 

  • Only using GOTS-certified organic cotton (read about its benefits to the environment here);  
  • Designing lasting garments by investing in better construction; 
  • Manufacturing garments in the US where our customers are, instead of shipping them from offshore locations; 
  • Encouraging and taking care of resale and recycling of the garments that we produced through our Pass It On program

Supporting the Local Economy

We aim to support the economy by operating our business in the USA and choosing to manufacture our products at home. Firebird Kids has two factories in NYC and one factory in LA where we create local jobs that support local families.

Safe and Fair Working Conditions 

At Firebird Kids, we believe that everyone should know where their clothing comes from, and should choose brands that promote safe working environments and treat workers fairly. We manufacture our clothes right here in the United States, where workers’ rights are protected and our employees earn competitive wages. Your children’s clothes should not be made by other children. 

Thoughtfully Designed

We design clothes to be unisex whenever possible so that clothing can be enjoyed by siblings, cousins, friends, and strangers for years. We never use details that will fall off or fade quickly. We don’t ever use fad slogans or cartoon characters of today on our garments, since they will go out of fashion before the garment reaches the end of its useful life.  

Made to be Passed On

73% of apparel is sent to landfill or incinerated, 95% of which could be reused or recycled*. * Ellen MacArthur Foundation

We know that many parents are overwhelmed with the mountain of clothes their children have outgrown and are looking for ways to fight fashion waste, so we offer a stress-free way to trade in used Firebird Kids clothing for credit toward your next purchase. We want to allow parents to create a circular closet for their children, and give life to their children’s used clothes. Read more about our Pass It On program here.  

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