The rise of "fast fashion" has led to a nearly tenfold increase in the consumption of apparel in the United States.  According to the EPA, more than 12 million tons of clothing is produced in the US each year and 70% of that ends up in landfills.

Dressing your child is a never-ending process. Children grow out of clothes so fast. You buy more each season and the old stuff piles up. There is no reason for you to store or discard quality clothing when another child could wear it.

We create quality children's apparel that is built to last. When your child grows out of their Firebird clothes, send them back to us. We will inspect each item you send and depending on its condition, we will either resell it or recycle it responsibly.  If we're able to resell your item, you'll receive a credit to purchase something new. This is our way of promoting the responsible use of our clothing and reducing our impact on the environment.

When you are ready to return your Firebird item, simply submit a request using the form on this page.  We will respond to you with instructions that will make doing the right thing easy.